Page 4 - BUKU PANDUAN BI (16 OCT 2017)
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                     University of Malaya Sports Centre offers undergraduate degrees in Sports
                     Management Science and Exercise Science as well as postgraduate
                     degrees in Sports Science.  UM Sports Centre features a dynamic
                     curriculum holding staunch to its motto "Cergas Cetus Cerdas" by giving an
                     opportunity and avenue for students’ intellectual development. This
                     enriching experience is provided via the context of expertise development
                     and knowledge empowerment on a global extent in the realm of sports,
                     recreation and fitness.

                     UM Sports Centre is empowered by local and international academic staff
                     and almost all academic staff have PhD qualifications. Each academic staff
                     is equipped with their own special skills and expertise. Knowledge transfer is
                     delivered in the form of lectures, practical classes,  and research. Apart from
                     teaching and developing  students’ academic prowess, our academic staff
                     also  perform  administrative  tasks;  engage  in  research  and  academic
                     publication, provide advisory services and contribute to the community in the
                     areas of sport, recreation and fitness.  UM Sports Centre is where sports and
                     exercise theories are put into practice. We are also equipped with a newly
                     built Sports Science Stadium (UM Arena) which houses five sports science
                     laboratories, and halls; and a IAAF Class 2 running track.
                     We also now offer clinical services under the 4S umbrella, Sports Science
                     Support Services. Do make the most of these facilities.

                     I urge all the students to strive towards excellence and uphold the good name
                     of University of Malaya. To all students,  do make the most of your time and
                     opportunity in Sports Centre to learn, develop and grow. Students and alumni
                     of Sports Centre are the pride of the University.

                     Thank you.
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