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                                         VISION, MISSION AND OBJECTIVES

                                                           •To  be  the  centre  of  excellence  in  the  built
                                                            environment studies and to meet the demands of the
                                                            construction industry in producing a responsible and
                                                            competent professionals in the future
                                                           •To  create  a  healthy  and  conducive  intellectual
                                                            environment,  equipping  its  graduates  in  the  ever
                                                            rapidly changing future
                                                           •To  strengthen  research  centres,  in  line  with  its
                                                            position  as  the  leading  university  in  Malaysia,
                                                            recognised  on  the  territorial,  national  and
                                                            international levels
                                                           •To  contribute  knowledge  and  give  consultation  to
                                                            society  and  the  nation  in  the  field  of  built
                                                            environment for the development and the well-being
                                                            of the world

                                                           •To advance knowledge and learning through
                                                            quality research and education for the nation and
                                                            for humanity

                                                           •To be an internationally renowned Faculty of Built
                                                            Environment in research, innovation, publication
                                                            and teaching
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